How to Set the Perfect Meeting Venue


Well, the title of this article probably brought you here. But you must know that there is no perfect list of things that you need to check out before finalizing a meeting venue. Which venue you should choose to meet someone depends wholly on whether the meeting is personal or professional. There is an entirely different scenario that one needs to look for when meeting a friend online Webinars, a family member, or a stranger to discuss poetry with than when meeting a business partner, an employee, or your boss.

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How to choose a professional venue?


To get clear in the beginning, a professional venue is any place you are not using to meet with your friends or throw a birthday party. This place could be the place where you first officially present your start-up idea to potential investors, an open ground to organize a college event, a speaker session, an official meeting, or anything where you do not want to make a bad impression. Otherwise, you could lose something or get judged. You want everything perfect here.


Some things must be perfectly set or organized in a professional venue:


  • Sufficient chairs or tables according to the number of people involved
  • Good set-up for audio and visual aids
  • Water availability
  • Laptop and projector for visual presentations
  • Power sockets and chargers for laptops
  • The room should be quiet and free from frequent disturbances
  • The room temperature must be comfortable, or it takes away the concentration of the audience from what is being presented
  • Microphone if a large audience is expected
  • The venue should be such that the audience is visible and able to ask questions
  • Printed material ready to be distributed, if any

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These are the essentials of a formal meeting venue that facilitate a smooth meeting. If you want the meeting to go well and work in your favor regarding a project or something, you may want to make sure that these conditions are fulfilled.


Choosing a suitable personal meeting venue:


Now, coming to a personal or friendly meeting, the setting here is relatively simpler, as you know for sure that the setting does not matter here. What matters most is the person you are meeting. Some of the same conditions of a formal meeting venue are also true for a personal meeting venue. Suppose you are meeting a close friend after a long time.


  • The place should be somewhat quiet. This is not always necessary as a public place like a park is also a good choice. However, the flow of communication should be proper. When a lot of noise gets in the way, people often find it hard to communicate, no matter how close.
  • There should be an appropriate seating arrangement so that you both can see each other while talking.
  • If you are arranging for the venue, see to it that the place is accessible. A lot of rights and lefts confuse the other person, and sometimes, it might be dangerous, and you both may have to spend hours before finally meeting at the right place.
  • A good eating place, a library, or a bookstore makes a good venue for a calm and fun meeting with friends.

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